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Fake News

In a fast-paced digital world, it can be difficult to quickly filter which news sources are legitimate and which are not...especially if a story has a large number of shares attached to it. Levi Sauerbrei explains why fake news on Facebook is a danger to an authentic newsfeed, and why we have to worry about it in the first place.

Introducing “Tried It,” The All New Pinterest Bucket List Feature

Calling all super Pinners: there is now an easy way to cross things off your Pinterest bucket list. This month, Pinterest rolled out the “Tried It” button, a feature that allows users to keep track of every craft, recipe or life hack that they’ve brought to life. It works both as an idea inventory and an endorsement mill for users who are wondering which projects are right for them.

What’s all the Hype about?

The death of Vine may have come as a shock to many who spent hours on the popular six-second video app catching up on the latest viral trends. While this app may be on its way to the scrap heap, the founders of Vine are not quite ready to retire from the app game.

Google Joins the Debunking Business with Fact Check

With the 2016 Presidential Elections on the horizon, one can easily be swayed by the allegations and rumors floating around about each candidate. When these rumors begin to become newsworthy and start to seem like more than rumors, the usual response is to search Google for evidence. 

New Facebook app is the Coolest Thing Since...Facebook

Most built-in smartphone calendars seem to work well with balancing your weekly work-life schedule, but imagine if it did a whole lot more. What if this calendar would not only help you remember social events you’re attending, but also suggest others you might be interested in as well?

Facebook is Introducing Workplace

Now there's a way to enjoy Facebook at work and not feel guilty about it. Facebook is launching a new Facebook at Work app that will allow company employees to communicate and collaborate together in ways they couldn't before.