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Instagram Begins Testing The Possibility Of Posting Albums

Instagram has always been about sharing individual moments and memories captured and collected during life’s adventures.  In an Android-specific Beta, some users have the option to test publishing multiple photos in a single post.  Once the bugs and glitches are worked out, users will be able to select up to 10 photos and apply filters individually or to the entire group before posting.

5 Ways to Increase Sales on Pinterest

Social media has become a staple in life of the average American. Seventy-eight percent of the U.S. population uses social media every day. The social media world has forever changed the way businesses can market their companies and increase sales.

Top Ten Brands on Pinterest

When we need inspiration on new recipes, what to wear, how to decorate for the holidays, or even where to travel, we can always count on Pinterest to get our creative juices going. On this list we will go over which brands have “pinned” the tail on the donkey when it comes to promoting your brand on Pinterest.

Twitter’s New Character Count Rules

Twitter announced that it’s service is now easier to use as it is cutting down on what counts towards your 140 characters.  This will allow users to say more and have more flexibility in composing tweets.

Twitter is Keeping it Fresh

Twitter is desperately trying to keep up with the pack. The tech world is continuing to evolve at a rapid rate, yet Twitter seems to be lacking a few key features that other messaging apps have been incorporating in their services for a while.