What Facebook has planned with Instagram

Meret Steves | @simplymeret

Facebook's some $1 Billion purchase of Instagram is set to roll out in mid-August after approval from regulators. Mark Zuckerberg assures users that the two companies will remain independent from one another; therefore, Instagram will continue to work with other social media platforms and have it's own list of users.

The new merger will teach Facebook mobile techniques and grow their mobile presence while also benefiting Instagram through Facebook's strong engineering team and infrastructure.

Facebook has begun to influence Instagram's mobile app by incorporating the "like" feature, as they have also done in the newest Foursquare update, and we can expect to see the same on other apps soon.  By "liking" something on a third party app, Facebook publishes your activity to the newsfeed as well as sending your friends notifications.

Instagram and Facebook

With integration of Instagram and other applications, Facebook is becoming the one-stop-shop for all notifications.  Facebook states that any developer can put this new like button in their mobile apps to create further conversation across Facebook.  We are looking forward to improvements in both companies as well as Facebook incorporating updates from other applications.

What do you think about Facebook buying up smaller startup companies?

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