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Facebook Expands Ad Placement to Messenger App

Most, if not all social media platforms have integrated ads into user’s feeds to stimulate revenue. Facebook is one of the most notorious culprits, by compiling user data to tailor ads. In a new wave of social media innovation, Facebook has begun to publish ads on their Messenger app

Pinterest Is Connecting Brands to Influencers

Influencer marketing has enormously increased in the last year. It is a form of marketing attracting popular users with large social media followings in a marketing campaign. Most social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat already connect brands with influencers. Pinterest is stepping up their game by creating an influencer marketplace.

The Innovation of Snapchat Advertising

Where consumers go, advertising will follow. That’s why it takes less and less time for social media platforms to go without being decorated with advertisements these days. Instagram and Snapchat, though already a few years old, are still programming ways to make advertisements fit best among the apps. 

Google Joins the Debunking Business with Fact Check

With the 2016 Presidential Elections on the horizon, one can easily be swayed by the allegations and rumors floating around about each candidate. When these rumors begin to become newsworthy and start to seem like more than rumors, the usual response is to search Google for evidence. 

Facebook vs. AdBlock Plus

Ads on social media have been the backbone of successful platforms since their creation. Though they can be annoying and intrusive at times, ads are the reason that many  social media platforms are free.  Facebook currently offers full free access with ads, but a Google Chrome extension called Adblock Plus (ABP) continues to block these ads.