Matt Shamely In this weekly post we recap the latest social media news, trends and headlines. Sometimes we’ll throw in a few viral videos because after all, it is Friday.

New Twitter Update for Better Conversations - All you Twitter heads who struggle with keeping up with your retweets and convos, life just got a little easier. Twitter unveiled its new Conversations update, which groups your conversations with a line for easy reference. It displays the latest tweets in the thread, and collapses the older ones for seamless reading. We're excited about this.


New Storytelling Genre "Social Fiction" Uses Social Media - Illustrator Steve Lowtwait and writer Michael Smith are attempting to invent a whole new storytelling device using Social Media. The characters have profiles on Facebook and Twitter, and their posts will slowly unravel the story with illustrations. Followers are free to comment and interact with the story. Help out the creators, who have a Kickstarter campaign to make their dream a reality.

Illustration of Hawk Funn

Jay-Z Releases New Video Exclusively on Facebook - Rapper Jay-Z, who claims, "I'm not a businessman, I'm a Business, man," unveiled his new music video "Magna Carta Holy Grail," on his Facebook wall yesterday. The video will be available to share for 24 hours before it is released on other formats. Jay-Z pulled a similar stunt when he released his new album exclusively on a Samsung app before the rest of the world could get it. It is interesting to see artists using Social Media in creative ways when releasing new material. Here is the link to the post:

Magna Carter Holy Grail

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