Funny Brands in Social Media

Devin Kelly @subbydonut Customers want to be assured that they are getting a quality service, and so many brands attempt to give quality service aby being serious all of the time with onslaughts of information. But sometimes the best way to interest a customer is through their funny bone.

The best way to implant your brand into a customer's brain is through a humorous display. After pulling someone into your brand, that is when you can go ahead with selling your product or service. These 14 brands are prime examples of using humor in social media.

1. Charmin | @Charmin

I'm sure we've all seen those Charmin commercials with the bears who are in desperate need of toilet paper, and their Twitter account is just as amusing. They're also nothing short on toilet humor. They do sell toilet paper after all.

2. Taco Bell | @TacoBell

What makes Taco Bell so great is that they're not only good at humor, they're also good at interacting. Especially when they're in a Twitter war with another brand such as Old Spice.

Taco Bell Pacman

3. Old Spice | @OldSpice

Speaking of Old Spice, they're always fun to watch since they're the ones instigating these Twitter wars.

4. JetBlue Airways | @JetBlue

JetBlue Airways is not a brand that everyone has heard of, and not everything they post is funny. But they do form that nice balance that a business should represent.

5. Mars Curiosity (NASA) | @MarsCuriosity

The last place you would expect to be humorous would probably be the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, but with the launch of the Mars rover, Curiosity, NASA has revealed a new image about itself. Their Facebook page consists of sassy updates from Curiosity itself, which shows that even though NASA is doing something amazing, they can still take themselves lightly.

6. Popchips | @popchips

Popchips is the kind of brand which is simply just laugh out loud funny. They're always posting funny puns or images.

Pop chips chip faced

7. GymIt | @gymit

GymIt's hilarious social media presence is to be expected thanks to their already fantastic copywriting.

8. Intel | @intel

Intel shows that humor is not just for customer's, but businesses as well. Though they also provide that balance seriousness and humor.

9. Whole Foods | @WholeFoods

Whole Foods mostly posts recipes and food ideas, but what separates them from other food related social media sites is that they'll add humor, which gives them a distinct personality.

10. IMPACT Branding & Design | @Impactbnd

This B2B company offers it's value on comedy utilizing memes and other means of humor to educate and entertain at the same time.

11. Bissell | @BISSELLclean

Another unexpected funny brand is Bissell, which shows that a brand can be funny while staying relevant to what they're selling.

Zombies never say yolo

12. Skittles | @Skittles

It's no surprise that Skittles has a light hearted and hilarious tone. But this is to be expected from a rainbow candy.

13. KRAFT Mac & Cheese | @kraftmacncheese

KRAFT's social media presence involves portraying macaroni performing normal day activities. Apparently, at one point they also allowed two women in their 80s to control their Twitter account for a day.

14. Oreo | @Oreo

Oreo regularly has posts that relate to current events, but what makes them amusing is that they use Oreos to represent these events.

Oreo Elvis

For those with fledgeling Facebook accounts for their businesses, hopefully these 14 brands will be able to point you in the right direction. Just remember that there is always a time to laugh.

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