Twitter Launches Group Direct Messaging Feature

Madi Miller | @madimillzie

Group texts, Facebook groups and copying others on emails are common and easy ways to get information to a multitude of people. For the longest time, Twitter has not had a feature to communicate with multiple people at once other than sharing or tweeting within your timeline. But a recent post on Twitter’s official blog announced a new addition to their capabilities: group direct messaging.

You might be wondering how your company can benefit from this new group direct messaging feature. It will help communication on social media within your company. Let’s say you find a tweet that is informative or relates to a topic within your business and you want to share it with your employees to motivate them. With the addition of group messaging, you can share your find without posting it directly  on your timeline. Each member can receive it and comment on it within the message without having to broadcast the comments to the world.

One of the best features of this group messaging addition is that each member of the chat does not have to be following the other members in order to participate in the conversation. When choosing who to send the message to, all you have to do is scroll through the names, or type in their twitter handles and create the message chain.

Do you think this feature will benefit you or your company? Have you tried it out yet? Let us know your how your company plans to utilize this tool in the comments below.

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