INFOGRAPHIC: Office Temperature Wars: Are You Too Hot?

AnnaSophia Corra | @x_annasophia Living in Texas, everyone knows that the weather can be fickle ranging from 30 degrees one day to the high 60s the next. In the office, things can get a little tricky trying to adjust the thermostat to make sure everyone’s content and that it isn’t too hot or too cold. When the temperature outside is climbing above 100 degrees, the office hits 60 degrees and we’ll bring in jackets and snuggies if need be, and when it’s 30 degrees outside, inside will be a toasty 80 degrees. It’s simply what happens in every office and we’re not any different.

When the temperature in your office isn’t at an optimal point, it could affect people's productivity and how much they get done in a certain time period. When the temperature gets too hot, the workflow might slow down considerably. Cornell University recommends that the thermostat be set to 77 degrees in the office since that causes a production rate of 95 percent. Not too hot and not too cold! Make sure that you dress accordingly for the weather both in and out of the office. You might need a snuggie to stay warm while working! We sure do.

via Daily Infographic and Andrews Sykes

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