National Love Your Pet Day: The Pets of Social Media Delivered

Happy National Love Your Pet Day! At Social Media Delivered, we have a barnyard full of animals between us. In honor of this wonderful day, we give you the pets of SMD! Spencer crash-landed on earth in his spaceship before finding his permanent home with his pals Lauren and Clint. Spencer spends his days napping, riding around on people's shoulders and trying to phone home on Lauren's iPad. One of Spencer's special talents is spelling. If anyone even spells T-U-N-A, he will run to the can opening and start rapid-fire meowing.


Jaclyn likes to be where her people are: on their chests while they sleep, in between them and their computers, under their feet while they brush their teeth. It doesn't matter; she's there. In her free time, she likes to play with Q-tips, stare creepily at guests and chase the little red dot.


Giggles likes to live up to her April Fool's birthday. Her hobbies include being where she's not supposed to be, destroying catnip mice and sitting on guests. She loves cat teasers and chasing the little red dot (which she has yet to catch...but soon...).


Willow is a local rescue. Although she looks quiet and content in this picture, when she's not the center of attention, she makes sure to let you know by staring and grumbling at you until you acknowledge her. Willow is a frequent Mutts visitor and a daily dayplay dog. Even with 8 or more hours of playtime with her furry friends, she still manages to be upbeat and playful when Ashley gets home. Willow may be a handful, but she constantly has Ashley wondering who rescued who.


This photo of Shelby was actually taken at SMD's first office in August 2012. Shelby is usually a good work partner when we are alone because as long as you feed her (does she look like she misses a meal?) and there are no cats around, she will usually nap quietly until her next meal.


This is Dirty, a 6-year-old pitbull. He truly believes he's a tiny lap dog and will sit right on top of you. He's also the best cuddler. Dirty spends his days going on long walks, digging holes in the garden and sunbathing by the pool.


Lola is the newest addition to the Streater household. She is only a few months old and ever the center of attention. When Lola comes into the office, everyone stops what they're doing to pet her adorable, little wrinkles. Although she may look innocent, Lola has finally reached the teething stage and is wreaking havoc on the Streater's new house.


Griffin is the Streater's oldest dog at 7 years of age. This grumpy old man is not a big fan of his new sister Lola and makes his displeasure evident. His hobbies include napping, taking it easy and enjoying his big new backyard.


This is Kota Bear. He's a 5-year-old Australian Shepherd Collie mix and might be the most handsome dog alive. His hobbies include wearing clothes, modeling for pictures, chasing squirrels and deer, socializing at Zilker Park and running the trails of Austin.

This is Chichay (pronounced Chee-chai). She's a 1-year-old Heeler Dachshund mix with a ton of energy and who is always looking for a playmate. Her hobbies include playing fetch, snuggling, giving lots of kisses, destroying all the toys and bugging her big brother Kota.


Riley, age 4, and Pema, age 1, are Sam’s two sweet Boston Terriers. Riley was an only dog until Pema came along when she was just a wee puppy. He protested the arrival of his new sister for weeks by going on strike from giving kisses. After some doggie negotiations, Pema got Riley on her side. They’re now the best of buds and enjoy wrestling, snuggling and sunbathing together. They even get to enjoy playdates and sleepovers with Mojo, a fellow SMD Boston!


Meet Mojo! She is a 1-year-old Boston Terrier who has been a member of the SMD team since she was 9 weeks old. Mojo enjoys coming to work with her mom, Mallory, so she can run around the office giving kisses to everyone. She often attends work events, such as the SMD Halloween party. Mojo considers herself a professional sweater model and an Instagram celebrity. When she isn’t busy posting to her Instagram account @mojo_the_boston_ she enjoys sunbathing, napping and playing with her toys.

Are you as obsessed about your pets as we are? Share a picture of your furry friend in the comments below!

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