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When I met Eve Mayer she was a guest speaker in the first ever social media class at the University of Texas at Arlington. It was an average day in #PREL3320. We were to tweet about her tips and tricks and ask her a few questions about social media for business. We quickly learned Eve wasn’t the average social media professional. She was funny, witty and didn’t bore us to death.

I knew it – this was my chance at an internship specializing in social media. I wrote my email down on a sheet of paper with the rest of my class to learn more about the opportunity.

Within a week or two I had an interview and then… an internship!

Joining the Social Media Delivered team was a great decision. Not only is SMD filled with some of the most amazing people and awesome clients – it isn’t an average internship. There’s no delivering coffee or becoming best friends with a Xerox machine.

Interns are allowed – actually forced – into becoming the most versatile writer on the planet. I’ve learned how to understand and grow from constructive criticism, all while learning how social media helps businesses and brands grow. Getting to be a part of that process is something spectacular.

SMD has clients ranging from food service to financial planning and wealth management. Not to mention, becoming a subject matter expert in all of these services and industries, it’s a great hands-on experience. Interns learn the ins and outs of every social media platform like: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and all the ever-changing platforms of the social-verse.

Job and full-time student? Never fear. At SMD, schedules are created to work for the intern. Although it’s recommended to put in 20 hours a week, it definitely isn’t mandatory. The management at SMD understands about studying for finals or a big test. SMD also offers virtual internships for those who aren’t lucky enough to live in Texas.

Once the finish line is reached, a.k.a. 240 hours in the equivalent of writing sessions, blogging and scheduling based on Producteev assignments, interns become beautiful and smart Social Media Business Equation certified individuals.

So, what’s stopping you? This fun and enriching learning opportunity is just an application or interview away.

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