Video Tip: Making the Mundane Magical

It's been a bizarre week for airlines in social media, and it's only Wednesday. On Monday a Dutch teen was arrested for tweeting a threat to American Airlines, and US Airways accidentally tweeted a photo of a woman using a model airplane in an inappropriate manner.

And then there was Martha “Marty” Cobb, a Southwest Airlines flight attendant, who turned her job into a one-woman stand-up routine as she gave safety instructions at the start of a short flight en route to Salt Lake City, Utah.

In the video, she delivers one of Southwest's famously reinterpreted safety speeches prior to taking off. But the amount of jokes and quality of cracks are sure to impress anyone.


She shows that no matter how boring the topic, you can bring a smile to someone's face if you're willing to take a step or two outside of the box. Like anyone who has seen standup knows, there is always the fear and real possibility of a joke not landing and getting boos or complete silence; but that leap could also be the difference between your company being one of the many or a standout among your competitors.

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