Vine's 1st Update: Vine Messages (VMs)

Rianna Babb | @hermionetweeted The short video app, Vine, recently added a new feature allowing users to send Vine Messages (VMs) directly to friends. This update is the first since its debut on January 24th, 2013. The six-second looped video message can be accompanied by text and users can send them to an email or via text if the other person does not have a Vine account. This sounds similar to Snapchat, but these messages don't expire or disappear. 


Vine is perfect for reactions to news or announcements. With these direct video messages, there’s no need for emojis or guessing if the other person's response is sarcastic. If you’re a parent sharing a video of your kids that you don’t want just anyone seeing, this is a perfect tool. The video can be viewed as though you and the other person are alone in the same room.

Let’s say your friend shares on social media some big news for her, like she’s getting married. You can Vine message her your response to that with one of those dramatic hand-to-your-heart swooning poses and say something quickly that only you two would really understand. Your friend may receive another Vine message about it, but you will not be part of that conversation thread. It stays one-on-one.

But how can businesses use this new feature?

Companies can now send VMs to users depending on each individual's privacy settings. This allows your company to reach specific members of an audience, and narrow down your target audience. Your company can VM content such as how-to videos, tutorials, and even Q&A sessions with specific customers, all privately. Although this new feature might serve best as a tool for customer service, there is still room for advertising!

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