How Brands Can Get Active on Snapchat

Candice Venters | @CandiceVenters

“Are you Snapchatting?” You may have heard this phrase, or maybe you have said it yourself. If this doesn’t ring a bell then chances are, it might soon. Snapchat is an app that allows users to send photos or videos to friends, and then it disappears within seconds, unable to be viewed again. With more than 400 million messages received on the app every day, and 60 million total installments, Snapchat is showing no signs of slowing down. Just as we have seen in the past on other social media platforms, the growing popularity of Snapchat catches the attention of other businesses and raises the question, “how can we use this to creatively help grow our business?”

There are a few ways a business can use Snapchat:

  • Coupons- Businesses can send out a discount code or keyword that allows users to receive a special offer either online or in person. Pie Five Pizza is utilizing Snapchat marketing by writing a code made out of tomato sauce on pizza dough and sending the photo to its friend list. It is an easy, cost-free way to bring more people to the restaurant.
  • Sneak Peeks- Companies can preview a product using Snapchat. The pictures are only visible for a few seconds, which fuels the feeling that it is truly an inside look. Of course users can take a screenshot, but that just adds to the buzz, which is exactly the point. Taco Bell used the sneak peek method with their Beefy Crunchy Burrito announcement.
  • Short Snapchat Movie- On May 1st, Taco Bell will also be releasing its four to six-minute-long movie on Snapchat advertising its new Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos. It will be the first of its kind, according to
  • Behind-The-Scenes Looks- Whether it is back stage at a concert or standing along the 50 yard line at a football game, behind-the-scene Snapchats give back to the fans and can advertise merchandise. The New Orleans Saints use Snapchat to give its fans an inside look of what goes on within the team.
  • Inform Customers- Companies can Snapchat pictures with a message to inform customers of a sale or promotion.

Use what method works best for your company, or all of them. Snapchat offers a cost-effective, creative way for businesses to communicate to people on a personal level.

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