Social Media News: Sept. 6th

Matt Shamely In this weekly post we recap the latest social media news, trends and headlines. Sometimes we’ll throw in a few viral videos because after all, it is Friday.

Google Glass App Store Coming in 2014 - There are people testing Google Glass, but it hasn’t yet been released to the public market. Once this happens in 2014, an accompanying app store will serve as a one stop shop for the device. What cool App ideas do you have for Google Glass?

Google Glass Logo

Find Any Tweet Ever With Topsy - The social analytics company, Topsy, opened up an archive of Twitter’s entire history to the public. This goes back to the first tweet ever in 2006. With 450 million tweets every day, it can be difficult to find a specific tweet you are looking for, and that’s why Topsy is here.

Band ‘Big Data’ Releases Facebook Personalized Music Video - Music duo Big Data’s new song ‘Dangerous’ explores the voyeurism and surveillance that accompanies internet usage. The accompanying music video uses the viewers Facebook statuses and photos to create an individual video that is meant to “remind people of their lack of privacy they've subjected upon themselves.” Check out the Facehawk experience for yourself.


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