Google Names New Android OS ‘KitKat’: [Insert Joke Here]

Matt Shamely

Gimme a Break!

Google has a tradition of naming its Android operating systems after sweets: Cupcake, Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, etc. Their next OS makes the jump to branded treats with the introduction of KitKat.

This is strictly a cross-promotional deal. A Google representative told Mashable that "no money was exchanged.” Android names their OS KitKat, and KitKat markets Android on their packaging. Everybody wins.

But we here at SMD know the real reason -- KitKat is the best candy bar to convert into that Android robot mascot. Duh.

Android Kit Kat

The announcement was made official Tuesday on Android’s Google Plus profile. Further details about the operating system have yet to be revealed.

KitKat has released an Apple parody video which features the Google Nexus, and the new KitKat packaging. Check it out.


Stay tuned for more news...

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