Social Media Voices That You Should Listen To (via Bad Rhino)

by Scott Murray, originally posted at Bad Rhino There are a variety of good blogs and videos out there today that give advice on social media.  However, there are also social media pros that have experienced tremendous success through the social platforms and they dedicate their work to helping others do the same.

Here are some of the social media gurus I recommend you connect with:

FACEBOOK: Amy Porterfield

Amy specializes in Facebook marketing and has helped several businesses realize their marketing goals through the popular social site.  Before becoming a Facebook marketing guru, she worked as the Director of Content Development for Tony Robbins where she eventually began developing comprehensive online marketing campaigns.  Today, she provides content to help others successfully develop a campaign on Facebook through webinars, podcasts, blogs and more.

TWITTER: Mark Schaeffer

I had the opportunity to hear Mark speak at the Social Media Marketing World Conference.  I was absolutely stunned at the amount of opportunities and connections he’s made through Twitter.  He’s got an amazing story about a series of opportunities he got simply by exchanging Tweets about a Steelers game.  You’ll learn about that and much more in his book called The Tao of Twitter: Changing Your Life and Business 140 Characters at a Time.  It’s a great resource for understanding the importance of how Twitter really works.

GOOGLE+: Guy Kawasaki

Let’s face it, Google+ is… unique.  It’s got its own way of doing things and sometimes trying to make it work can be a little bit of a headache.  But the fact is, when you learn how to become a legitimate presence, there are tons of benefits.  I saw Guy Kawasaki present a lot of his tricks and posting routines that made things look a lot easier.  You can find those tricks of the trade in his book, What the Plus! Google+ For the Rest of Us.


How can you ignore the Twitter name @LinkedInQueen?  Eve is ranked by Forbes as the fifth most influential woman in social media.  Klout ranks her as the second most influential person on LinkedIn.  Today she is helping people and organizations achieve their goals as the CEO of Social Media Delivered and as the author of Social Media for the CEO.  Eve recently became one of the social media trainers that we represent at after she gave a presentation on how to maximize LinkedIn as an effective tool for sales goals and business relationships.

PODCASTS: Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff, aka The Podcast Answer Man, is known for being THE expert in the realm of podcasting.  In 2005, Cliff started a podcast dedicated to the TV series Lost and by 2007, he learned enough to make podcasting a career.  Now he produces podcasts about how to do podcasts.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Michael Stelzner

How could I leave Michael Stelzner of the Social Media Examiner?  After all, I saw Guy and Mark at their recent social media conference in San Diego, and just like that conference, Michael and his team have formed a tremendous social media community of experts and professionals that provide fantastic advice for social media marketing.  You can also hear those social media pros on Michael’s Social Media Marketing podcast.

Scott Murray is the Social Learning Evangelist for, the web’s largest career marketplace.  He is also a contributor to the Training Insights Blog, a series of blogs dedicated to career and professional development.

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