The Social Media Business Equation

Devin Kelly | @subbydonut Whether you are trying to manage a Facebook or Twitter account, or even a blog, there is one thing that is absolutely essential to every social media account. That would be the Social Media Business Equation. It is a simple equation that breaks down the key components of what should be posted on a social media page. The equation was first thought up by CEO of Social Media Delivered, Eve Mayer, and it was explored in full detail in her book, The Social Media Business Equation. The book may have more to show about The Social Media Business Equation, but here is brief glimpse at the 4 components that make up the equation.

Inform: This component consists of 20% of your posts, and just like the name suggests, they should all be informative. Depending on what product or service your company provides, you should relay information that stays on topic. Example: For a hotel's social media account, post about travel tips. Remember, knowledge is power.

Entertain: Your entertain posts also consists of 20% of your accounts. Entertaining posts can be almost anything, ranging from really funny to really cool. Usually these posts take a break from the business the business you're trying to portray. Everyone needs a little distraction.

Convert: Converting refers to selling your product or service. This also consists of 20% of your blogs. This may sound like the social media equivalent of a commercial, but not quite. It's not supposed to sound like you're selling something, you're just supposed to make your product or service sound amazing, so your audience will naturally want to try it out.

Interact: Last, but definitely not least, interacting consists of 40% of your posts. Here is where the "social" part of social media comes into play. You will receive audience feedback by asking questions or taking polls. This way, you can utilize all this feedback to help your customers more efficiently in the future.

With these components of the Social Media Business Equation, any company can have a fully functional social media account. Just remember that the most important part of managing a social media account is to be "social".

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