Card Munch: Your Personal Assistant for LinkedIn

Card Munch is an an iPhone app that allows users to turn business cards into valuable connections on LinkedIn.  When you launch the app, it allows you to upload a photo of a business card.

Now, instead of  having to remind yourself to add the newest addition to your network on LinkedIn, the app provides efficiency by allowing you to connect immediately. CardMunch eliminates the lapse of time between meeting someone and being virtually connected. To ensure users receive the most accurate results at their fingertips, the company has real people searching to find the profile on LinkedIn to match the name on the business card.

Wondering how to get started?

  1. Download CardMunch to your iPhone.
  2. Take a picture of and upload a business card.
  3. Within one day, processing should be complete.  The app will ask whether you'd like to add the newest connection on LinkedIn.
  4. Say yes, and voilà! CardMunch just helped you expand your LinkedIn network.

Unfortunately, the app hasn't been introduced on the Android market yet, but the company announced that it will be available soon. For more information, visit Cardmunch's website here.


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