Black History Month in Social Media

Devin Kelly | @SubbyDonut Black History Month is a time dedicated to the remembrance of overcoming adversity and the accomplishments of black people throughout history. In the past, we've recalled these events through sources such as books and television, but these days it is the internet where we now share our memories. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are now the popular uses of spreading the word. Here are a few cases of how Black History Month was used in social media this year.

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1. Capturing Black History Month With A Photo Campaign

Photographer, Eunique Jones, celebrated Black History Month this year by starting her, "Because of them, we can..." project. Each day of the month, Eunique has rolled out a photo of a child depicting a Black leader with a famous quote or saying from the leader through Facebook, Instagram and the project’s official website,

2. I Love Black History Month

The Facebook page for I Love Black History Month is regularly paying tribute to notable figures in black history or black popular culture. It realizes that Black History Month may be a short time, so it makes the most of the time by giving as much information and interesting facts as possible. This Facebook page allows for easy access for knowledge on the accomplishments of these people, which will help to inspire the current generations.

3. Black History in the United Kingdom

Normally, when we think of Black History Month, we think of the civil rights movement in the United States, but Black History Month is also celebrated by other countries like Canada and the United Kingdom. Though unlike the United States and Canada where Black History is celebrated in February, the United Kingdom instead celebrates in October. But that doesn't stop @blackhistoryuk from celebrating Black History the whole year round.

Of course this is only a few examples of how Black History Month is being used in social media. But it doesn't need to stop here. With social media, anyone can take an active part in the celebration of Black History Month, and for the truly dedicated, you can even make it a Black History Year.

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