Don't Stay Stale! Change Up Your Social Media Campaign

Alex Murray | @Alexisntonfire  

social media campaign


As a consumer, there is really nothing more annoying than seeing the same company tweet the same thing day in and day out. Being consistent with posts and tweets is great but if you aren’t offering your followers something new you can fall flat in their eyes. That viral marketing campaign back in March may have brought you tons of new followers but just like a traditional marketing campaign you run into diminishing returns.


Variety is important when it comes to creating line and services, why wouldn’t it be just as important for your digital marketing campaigns. People are drawn to the new, and love to be the first of their friends to share new and exciting products. The Loyal customer appreciates the continuity of a weekly deal but in reality, your loyal customers are not your target market.

Change it up!

Do something your company has never done before. Look at your competitor’s social networks. What are they doing that fans seem to respond to and most importantly, what are they not doing that your brand can. Offer prizes, make an interactive event between you customers, social media, and brick and mortar stores. Lay out a schedule for the next 6 months. Take a look at upcoming company events and nation wide holidays. Pick a theme for your social marketing campaign and change it every few weeks.

The Social Platforms 

Just like trends come and go social platforms rise and fall in popularity and it’s important to stay on top of where you customer base is moving. After establishing where you fan base is moving you need to take a look at what that platform has to offer. Marketing to your target market on Twitter in 140 characters takes a different approach then the text, video, and image based Facebook. This may be difficult to keep up with but when done right your company pages can do nothing but grow.

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