Social Media Speakers: What to Look for

Matthew Leach | @MatthewLeach13 Nowadays, many small businesses have become entirely dependent on Google results for their information needs. “How do I reach this target market?” Google it. “How do I carry out cross-promotional branding?” Just Google it. While search engines like Google have transformed the availability of information worldwide, we tend to forget the importance of face-to-face interaction.

Live social media conferences, webinars and televised events are great ways gain insightful social media knowledge from the industry’s experts. In addition to the personal connection you receive through speaking events, one can also engage the speaker with questions and comments on the spot.

Social Media event management

But not just any self-proclaimed “expert” with a YouTube channel is a credible social media speaker, especially when it comes to your business objectives. Here are 3 basic standards to follow when choosing a social media speaker.


Look at their credentials. Is this their profession or a hobby they enjoy on the side? The most insightful speakers will have sufficient social media experience as it relates to business.

Social Media Presence

Take a peek at their Facebook, Twitter, and other relevant social media profiles. Do you like what you see? You can usually gauge the quality and credibility of the speaker by how they manage their own social media.

 Prior speaking engagements

Look for previous online videos and/or clips of the potential speaker. Are they engaging and insightful or repetitive and lackluster? Previous videos will give you the best idea of what to expect.

One speaker that comes to mind is Social Media Delivered’s own CEO, Eve Mayer Orsburn. Eve, ranked as the Fifth Most Influential Woman in Social Media by Forbes, has spoken at universities, companies and conference groups in over 30 U.S. cities as well as Ireland, France, the UK and Iceland. In addition, Eve’s social network reaches over 100,000 fans and followers. Her B2B strategies regarding LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as her acclaimed Social Media Business Equation, are a few of her speaking topics.

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All in all, Eve meets the requirements above as should any professional social media speaker. Click here to learn more about Eve and Social Media Delivered’s speaking services.

Whether you’re looking to gain strategic insight or just broaden your social media presence, an experienced, credible speaker can always provide that insightful, personal expertise as long as you do your research. Now that’s something Google can help with.

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