Hoot Hoot, Is Your Content Cute?

Ashley Chimal | @prodbychim With the growing amount of social networking sites, managing your different channels on a daily basis can be somewhat overwhelming. Luckily, you have a wise owl to guide you along your journey.

HootSuite, with mascot Owly, provides a platform for social media integration. HootSuite is one the best way to organize your posts and schedule out different things you want to say at different times to your fans and followers.

Social Media content management

Give a Hoot!

HootSuite gives you the choice to add profile tabs from your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Wordpress, Myspace and Mixi streams. Within the tabs, you are able to choose and add different streams from within your profiles. For example, with Twitter, you can add your home tab, direct messages tab, and mentions tab to name a few.

Not only does HootSuite make social media management more efficient, it provides one of the favorite features - scheduling. Instead of having to login to your social media each day, you are able to schedule out different messages in advance.

That being said, go in to HootSuite with a plan. A great tip is to pick a day each month or week where you spend time creating and planning content for your social networks.

Although you are given the option to have the same content for each tweet and Facebook post, you should still keep your content fresh, different, and engaging. Keep this in mind when you are scheduling your posts.

Once you can be "owlsome" with Hootsuite, choose wisely when planning out your content.

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