Blogs and the Social Media Business Equation

Elisa Pequini | @lipequini Many small businesses start up a blog and have no idea what to do with it. The question we get asked the most is: what should I blog about? Well, here at Social Media Delivered we are firm believers that the first thing you have to do is make sure that a blog is a solution that is aligned with your business goals - and that you will have time to keep it updated.

Those are questions only YOU can answer about your company. After you've answered those questions, we can help with tips for the content. And the Social Media Business Equation is perfect for giving you direction on what to write.

As written in CEO Eve Mayer Orsburn's book, the Social Media Business Equation is focused on the strategy that your communication should be divided into four pillars: Convert, Interact, Entertain and Inform.

Inform - According to the equation, 20% of your blog posts should be informative. Talk about news that is relevant to your industry, present new ways to do something. Let's say you're a cupcake business. What type of information would your audience find interesting? Maybe a cupcake recipe, or maybe a post on what are the versions of cupcakes in other countries? Be interesting.

Entertain - The entertain posts must count for another 20% of your blog. If you can't be funny, be touching. For example, if you are a small pet boutique, you can make a "Pet of the week" post or maybe tell a touching story about a rescued dog.  The important part here is to make your readers feel something. Make them laugh, make them cry, or make them fight.

Convert - Sell your product or service in 20% of your posts. But remember - your blog post is not an ad and you do not want to sound salesy. Sell your product by showing how great it is. If you are a florist, post pictures of your latest events. Show what you can do and how well you can do it.

Interact - Talk to your audience in 40% of the posts. Make a poll, ask them what they think about a subject. Let's go back to the cupcake example: you can make a quick contest on a new flavor or give them a recipe and ask them to share their pictures of it when they make it. Don't worry if you mix an interact with an "Inform" or "Entertain", the important part here is to engage with your audience.

That makes defining the content easier right? We thought so. But if you still don't think you can handle the blog task, hand it over to us here at Social Media Delivered. It will be our pleasure to blog for you.


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