The Social Media Dream Course Summer 2013 in Paris or Rome - Need Your Help!

From the CEO: Eve Mayer Orsburn | @LinkedInQueen the social media business equationI have a dream, and hopefully you won't say my dream stinks! Next summer I would like to work with a respected university in either Paris, France or Rome, Italy teaching a course on social media in English. I have been putting together case studies and building content for this course for a while now. It would also be based on content from my book The Social Media Business Equation which is already being used as a textbook by many universities.

I believe that there is a need for a course where students learn how social media is affecting business of all sizes in all countries. I plan to clearly explore the risks and benefits of social media, and draw on the experiences of executives worldwide who will join us via skype video conferences to discuss their successes and challenges building company brands and improving customer service with social media.

Students will also get first-hand practice managing real campaigns in partnership with my company Social Media Delivered. Finally, I will explain how specific platforms are better suited than others, depending on the business goals of the organization. This means teaching my students how to tell their future clients that to be successful in social media, they do not need to be on every platform.

So, why Rome or Paris? It is purely selfish! I love both cities. My family and I have decided that we do not want to be typical Americans who only speak English. We want to learn a second language. This means that next summer, in addition to teaching, I will also be a student learning the local language and customers. My 5 year old daughter and my husband will do the same.

Also, as my company, Social Media Delivered continues to expand into Europe, we would like to find more companies to feature on our blog as well as observe and experience first-hand how social media works in each country.

So, I am asking for your help. Are there universities or contacts you would suggest I contact, or that you could introduce me to? As a potential student, which location would you hope for and what would you want included in such a class? I appreciate any assistance you might give and I promise to keep you posted on this journey.

Merci. Ciao,


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