In 2011, Twitter & Saudia Arabia Make a 'Must-Watch' Combination

As we look back at last year and study the 'How/Why/Where' of Twitter's growth (more than 100 million new accounts were generated in 2010); it's imperative that we also study where this growth spurt was most prominent and what that means with a new year.  In a recent article on the topic, MediaBistro reported that although, "It might surprise some... Saudi Arabia has been seeing massive growth in social networking and blogging among its younger generation over the past few years. This trend led naturally to skyrocketing Twitter use."

As a whole, Twitter saw an tremendous growth spurt in 2010, but on the global front, Saudia Arabia was one of the top countries to report a staggering percent of increase.  Research shows that "New users from Saudi Arabia grew 240% over the course of the year in addition to an increase of 440% in daily tweets"

A interesting statistic when one "compares this to the global average of 95% growth in daily tweets from 2010.

The report from MediaBistro goes on to sight that one of Twitter's attractions in Saudi Arabia stems from how "the platform is able to garner media attention especially for legal cases; Saudi users frequently employ Twitter to bring legal issues to the public attention." [Read more...]

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