Dollars, Cents & your Twitter Account Value

Gordon Gekko crunched numbers on Wall Street, Adam Smith invented the 'Invisible Hand' concept, and Ben Stein tried to make 'voodoo economics' entertaining in the classroom. But somewhere in the shift from traditional to emerging media communications, when it came to placing a 'dollars & cents' value on the community content driving brand messages... things got muddled.

In 2011, its more important than ever to make sure every Tweet, Facebook message, LinkedIn connection, Blog Post, or YouTube video you develop all lead back to not only a Return on Relationships but above all things a successful ROI.

For those on the analytics side (aka everyone) check out the site TweetValue. After typing in your Twitter Account, the site uses a complex data collection pattern to measure out the perceived 'dollars & cents' USD value your account is worth.

We've also found that it makes for a great 'Office Gambling' activity. Cigars and Scotch are also a recommended addition.

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