LIVE REPORT: The 4th Annual #MashableAwards with @LinkedInQueen and @acmontgomery

Are you sitting in your cubicle right now drinking stale coffee and trying to be patient with your neighbor who insists on jamming outloud one desk behind you; wishing you had saved up enough Christmas cash or airline miles on Southwest to catch a flight over to Las Vegas for this year's Mashable Awards and CES showcase?  Alas.. that darn mandatory, company 'Expense Report'. But have no fear fellow social media enthusiasts who had to stay at home.  Author, Eve Mayer Orsburn & I are live on the VIP scene, reporting on everything that's happening right now from the 4th Annual Mashable Awards.

We'll be shooting a 'Fast on the Flip' Web Video series with some major social media/communications super stars. Our tweet stream will be running 24/7 until we crash after the 'After Party' hosted by Blackberry.  And of course you won't want to miss our weekly 'Social Media for the CEO' radio show when it's hosted live at the New York New York Hotel the morning after the Awards Gala.

We'll not only have a full run down from the previous night's festivities but also listen in because we'll interview a surprise mystery guest who is one of the leading innovators from the social media domain Friday morning January 7th at 10am CT / 11am ET.  It's one of the biggest weekends in social media and we'll stream it live straight to you.

Buckle your seat belt homeslice and check out the below to see where you can find all the action before, after and during this wild night in Social Media: -

Today's Guest on Social Media for the CEO is... Matan Talmi - CEO of Drippler

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