Tom's Tip: No Webpage? No Problem!

By Thomas Jackson I think web pages are overrated.  They cost money.  They are hard to update and they take a certain level of expertise.  In my mind, a webpage is a pretty File Transfer Protocol portal that provides access to files that are too large to email.  However, webpages are significantly important to one's social marketing existence.  But what if I am in transition and have limited funds?  Or I'm just not sure what to put on a webpage and do not want to take the leap yet before I'm ready?

What do you do when you don't have a webpage?  Don't panic.  Get a LinkedIn account.  LinkedIn is FREE, easy to use and a lot more popular than your webpage will be.

Recently, LinkedIn has added a growing number of 'add-ins'.  The great thing with LinkedIn and any of the add-ins available is that once you make a change to any file, an update is generated letting your network know you made a change.

Three of my personal favorites are: Slideshare, and Google Presentation.

With these add-ins you can attach PowerPoint Presentations, Word documents, PDF files and virtually anything else you would attach to a webpage.  Try doing things like that on a webpage at the turn of a dime;

LinkedIn a great tool, and dare I say a great alternative-

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Thomas Jackson is a Social Media and Business Development professional focusing on strategic Social Marketing strategies for small and medium businesses.  Thomas will help your company define and develop a comprehensive social marketing plan that will drive new opportunities to your web page.   You can read more about Thomas via his blog 'Tom's Tips' at