The next step in AI: Chatbots?

Earlier this month, the White House introduced a chatbot that allows users to contact the President via Facebook’s Messenger app. Though more of a novelty (the bot carries out the same function as the “contact” page on, the move is a hint at the emergence of chatbots and similar artificial intelligence (AI) in social media and public relations.

Pokemon Go & Dating Apps

It’s been a month since you’ve been playing Pokémon Go, and your big group of friends has slowly been dispersing. Or maybe you’re tired of seeing the same faces almost everyday (it can happen). Or maybe you’ve just always been solo, and you’re finally tired of your mom nagging you to bring that special someone home. If only you could meet a person with a guaranteed common interest.

Snapchat TV Shows

NBCUniversal has announced a plan to launch versions of its most popular television shows, such as The VoiceSaturday Night Live, and The Tonight Show, on Snapchat.

Chloe Hodge