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We know what’s important to you…

  • Leveraging social media to drive new business versus simply popularity contests.
  • Protecting your most valuable asset: your brand.
  • Being present to talk to the right people at the right time.
  • Establishing a brand that people connect with, remember and trust.
  • Ingraining your brand in people’s minds for them to recall in the future.

Be strategic… what people think about your company really does matter!

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If you sell widgets, gadgets, products or professional service, the bottom line is people are the ones who buy. Meet people where they ARE… online. We are no longer a B2B or B2C world – times have changed. It’s P2P – People to People! If you are in an industry that is required to meet the (sometimes ancient) guidelines of HIPPA, FINRA, SEC, etc., we can save you hundreds of hours of boring reading and make sure that you stay out of orange jump suits.

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Established in 2008, Social Media Delivered is one of the most respected social media companies around. We like to call ourselves the grandmothers of social media, because we’ve been focused on social media since the very beginning. Our success comes from the fact that we are a communications company leveraging social media tools to get business done using proven strategies.

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