Top 10 Funniest Viral Twitter #Hashtags

By Rosalyn Eishen @rosalynchoo

Twitter hashtags are a great way to organize tweets for common subjects or events, but people also use them as a way to connect to others over a good laugh. Once the twitterverse starts putting in their two cents, you get crowd-sourced, viral comedy. We’ve gathered what we think are the top ten funniest viral hashtags that we’re sure will have you giggling at your desk.

This hashtag was created by Jimmy Fallon for his “Late Night Hashtag” @LateNightJimmy bit on his show. Everything a typical mom would say categorized into one great hashtag.

Example By @smashly:

‘Go early to get it. These are really, really popular hams.’ #momquotes

Think of a movie- then change its title to something less ambitious. It’s a fun little game to play with a group of friends as well.

Example By @LeenaRao:

The Goddaughter #lessambitiousmovies

It’s simple- what two things just don’t work well together?

Example By @_KZA:

“rapper names and Autocorrect #twothingsthatdontmix”

Words of wisdom in three little words.

Example By @edlynskey:

#threewordstoliveby Brew More Coffee

Charlie Sheen started this trend and since then it’s just blown up on Twitter. We’re not 100% sure what it means, but it has something to do with being awesome.

Example By @jakmartin881h:

Freezing at the bus stop. Good thing I got #tigerblood

Would anyone ever actually use these lines? Maybe if you were trying to hook up with someone at Disneyworld. Many of them were much dirtier than this example, I think you can imagine.
Example By @itsphillybaby:

Baby I can take you to infinity and beyond!! #disneypickuplines

Simply pokes fun at those who tweet about nothing special (we’ve all done a boring generic tweet without realizing it.)

Example By @TylerMcDonald:

Pretty excited that the weekend is here. #generictweet

Movies that would have probably flopped if given these titles.

Example By @frankfx:

#unlikelysequels When Harry Killed Sally

People sharing their embarrassing stories in less then 140 characters are always fun.

Example By @abaker20:

at a family christmas party saying goodbye kissing all my aunts then acciedntly kissing my uncle on the lips #soembarrassing

Haven’t we all had that one job that makes you stop and wonder where your life is going? Another great hashtag created by Jimmy Fallon @LateNightJimmy.

Example By @april_430:

My bosses bought a crate of 8×14 paper instead of 8×11. Instead of exchanging it, they made me cut  3 inches off each one!! #worstjobieverhad

Since we’ve now mentioned theses hilarious hashtags, try and come up with a tweet for one and leave it in the comments below, or tweet us one @SocialMediaDel.




  1. How about #Bugsme

  2. #motherknowsbest



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