Twitter While You Were Away

Colleen Fielder | @yogirlcfield

Unless you’re on Twitter 24/7, which seems unlikely, you’ve probably missed a tweet or two. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could just give you a quick recap so you could avoid all that scrolling?

Your prayers have been answered.

Twitter has recently introduced “While You Were Away”…

On your home timeline you will see a recap of the top tweets you may have missed.

This feature is solely based off your habits and activity. That is, if you use Twitter every once in awhile you will be seeing a lot of it. If you’re an avid tweeter, you won’t.

According to Twitter’s analyst, they believe users could be roughly double to over 550 million this year, due to this feature.

At first glance, this addition might not seem like anything special, but for businesses ‘While You Were Away’ is huge. 500 million tweets are sent every day. Small businesses trying to get noticed have to tweet multiple times a day just to maintain a presence. Now, if you can gather interaction on a single tweet, you’ll gain greater reach than posting several tweets; the more interactions, the greater your potential audience.

Small businesses will finally have a fighting chance against the big guys.

The best part? You get attention without paying for promoted tweets.

Quality over quantity-the game has changed.

With that in mind, here are few reminders:

  1.     Continue to post often. Don’t rely on a single tweet to do all the work. I’ll say it again, post often.
  2.     People love pictures. Add an image, and you will increase potential engagement even more.
  3.     Retweet with caution. It’s great to engage with others but make sure it’s quality. Everything that appears on your profile is a direct reflection of your business.

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