7 Ways to Enhance Your Company's LinkedIn Presence

Think you can soar your business to new heights without a LinkedIn page? Maybe so, but why miss out on a social media platform that can increase your company's success? A HubSpot study revealed LinkedIn boosts an impressive lead generation rate that’s 277 percent more effective than that of Facebook and Twitter. However, ramping up your company's LinkedIn presence can be a daunting task. These tips can help:

1. Post informative, engaging content

While it’s not a bad idea to post about products and services you have in an effort to raise awareness, using LinkedIn to communicate the essence of your brand is much more effective to garner the attention of potential leads. Otherwise, you risk overwhelming your followers with spammy sales pitches.

2. Integrate images and videos

According to Impact Branding and Design, images on LinkedIn generate a 98 percent higher comment rate, which is a good reason to integrate images from reputable online sources into your posts. Also consider using videos in your updates to communicate important messages, showcase stellar products and promote company events or initiatives.

3. Join the conversation

When followers are granted the opportunity to interact with your company through posts that pose important questions or solicit feedback on a particular product, service or experience, their loyalty to your brand will increase. Reasoning? It helps them feel a personal connection to your company and shows them you care about what they have to say.

4. Timing is everything

Do certain posts tend to perform better than others? If so, pay attention to the format along with the posting times and get into the habit of capitalizing on those opportunities. Also, consider sponsoring the most popular updates to increase leads and boost conversion rates. Make sure to leverage analytics to identify trends among pertinent factors, such as Page Views and Unique Visitors.

5. Complete the company profile

Populate the company profile in a way that clearly describes what you do, what you stand for and the value you can offer to those in your target market. And don’t forget to populate the “Products” tab. You can use this tab to feature things other than your products and services, such as webinars and ebooks. Get creative — doing so can help you generate valuable leads from your LinkedIn company presence.

6. Keep it simple

More often than not, a bulk of your followers will be crunched for time when scrolling through their news feed. To capture their attention, Social Media Examiner suggests posting updates that include a simple title, an interesting image and a short lead that describes what readers can expect if they click through, without giving away the whole story.

7. Don’t forget to add a “Follow” button

A visible “Follow” button should be present on your company website and blog to inform prospective and current customers of your LinkedIn presence. The Kinesis marketing blog notes that garnering an initial pool of interested, relevant followers is essential to growing your company's presence and attracting leads via LinkedIn.

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