How to Become an Instagram Fashionista

With more than 200 million regular users, Instagram has established itself as a social media juggernaut—and for aspiring fashionistas, it's the ideal medium to establish your brand and attract new fans. If you're looking to stand out, gain a fan base and become Insta-famous, look at how others use the social network to grow their brand.

Post High-Quality Content Frequently

Post strong content consistently to catch the eyes of new followers and keep them engaged. Take, for instance, Instagram style icon Aimee Song. Aimee posts an average of three to five photos a day featuring outfits, shoes and accessories in cool and new locations. Nearly two million followers comment on, like and see her photos daily, proving her content reigns supreme. About once a day, Aimee also directs her followers to her blog Song of Style, where fans indulge in content like "11 Ways to Get Over a Breakup" and "Where to Eat in Los Angeles." Keep in mind, though, that she doesn't promote herself so heavily that her Instagram feels like an infomercial for her personal platform. Be balanced and diverse.

Create Captivating Captions

Filters aren't the only way to change how people perceive your pictures—an interesting or snappy caption can influence how a follower interprets your message. The caption also invites followers to learn more about the photo and interact by commenting or hitting the "like" button. To entice your audience, keep captions short and focused yet fun and witty. Include hashtags as well to create a tone around your photo and connect with more followers.

If you're a bonafide bag lady (meaning your most prized possession is your handbag collection), then showcase your luxe purses and clutches with a story-telling caption. Engage your audience with a description of sentiment and post relevant hashtags. Connect with Coach followers, for example, by using hashtags like #CoachSpring2015 or #CoachFromAbove (two prominently used hashtags by the brand itself).

Another Instagram trend is to post the link in your profile for where to find the pictured product.

  • Show off your new designer leather carryall in acid lemon in an Instagram photo.
  • Explain in your caption (including relevant hashtags) that fans can find the purse online by clicking on the link in your profile.
  • Include the Coach link in your profile directing users to the women's handbags page online. For Instagram users who stumble upon your picture through hashtags or other discoveries, guiding them back to your profile can prompt them to follow your account.
  • Use this same Instagram technique to redirect fans to your own blog and increase your blog following.

Embrace Beauty in the Ordinary

Like any photographer, recognizing the surrounding beauty can breed visual success, and creativity on Instagram is no different. Keep your eyes open for unique backdrops and underrepresented locales, rather than relying on recognizable landmarks or overdone spaces to create drama. Sure, there are countless photos of stylishly dressed people standing in front of the Eiffel Tower or in Times Square. But these worldly landmarks can actually scream ordinary. Enhance your images by finding the aesthetic beauty in surrounding understatements and avoiding the tropes that often dominate amateur photography.

Showcase Your Originality

Remember that Instagram fashion fans want to find inspiration in your fashion innovations, engage with your identity and ultimately mimic your impeccable style.

  • Be original and don't overfollow.
  • Repost pics of outfits from other users who inspire you to be part of the community.
  • Be real, organic and express your true personality. Success comes from simply being yourself.

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