Facebook Removes Bing Search

Laurenew / Laurenew90 Facebook is continually flooded with status updates, shared photos and news updates. To help users find what they’re looking for, Facebook has been constantly working to update its search function. As of this month, however, Facebook has stopped including results from Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, in its search function.

Facebook search has long been geared toward helping users connect with family and friends, but Facebook had also been including Bing search results to stand-alone Web pages. Since the removal, Facebook is no longer showing outside websites in its search results.

While Microsoft still owns a small stake in Facebook, the company confirmed the Bing search removal, ending the four-year partnership. Both companies maintain that they will still remain partners in other areas. This change is another setback for Bing, but Bing still remains the second-largest search engine, holding 20 percent of the search engine market while Google holds first place with 67 percent.

Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg has noted the Facebook search function as a main area for growth and improvement to enhance the social networking site’s experience. Earlier this month, Facebook added the option to search for specific content in its search function. Users can now search for old status updates, videos, photos and articles that have previously been shared with them.

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