Another App Adds Messaging - Meet Pinterest Conversations

Emily Steinke | @emilygsteinke

You know that moment when your phone dies, but you really need to message someone?  Or, it’s your friend’s phone and you’ve got the same situation?  I sometimes find myself thinking, “Well I guess I could get on my laptop and iMessage them, or Facebook message them, or DM them on twitter, or I suppose I could…” and the list goes on and on.  Well ladies and gents, I’m here to tell you about one more to add to the list.  Yes, Pinterest has come out with their very own version of messaging.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the constant access we have to those we love, as well as the ability to share so much of what we do or find online!  And this new addition?  Nothing short of AWESOME.  Pinterest messaging allows the user to send direct pins, respond to a pins, or do any of the above in groups!  Click here to see Pinterest’s announcement and video demonstration.

According to Pinterest, about two million pins are sent out every day, so personal messaging is just an added bonus.  There have been a few negative reports about the clumsiness of its use on a desktop.  There is no clear notification system. The only way to know about a new message is through a notification email, which could make things less user friendly for sure.  Otherwise the system works great on mobile, which was perhaps the goal.

Overall this is a great addition to privatizing the Pinterest experience (following the capability to privatize individual boards).  Another great attribute of this new feature is the ability to send each message to ten recipients and comment on each pin before it’s sent. Users can send anything from an individual pin to an entire user profile.

Sounds like a win to me, and I seriously can’t wait to try it out!  I mean I believe Pinterest is just incredible with hours on end of entertainment and information.  What do you think of the new feature?  Love it or hate it, let us know.


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