Dave Landry Jr. | @davelandryjr Many people believed that the launching of Google+ would be the death of Facebook much in the same way that Facebook killed MySpace. Most will argue that Google+ won’t replace the social media giant entirely, but it is sure giving them a run for their money, especially with their Plus Ads.

Speaking of money, where would our advertising dollars best be spent? Should we trust the old classic or put our money into the newcomer?


While this is a complicated and difficult argument to consider, the first thing that comes to mind is the sheer mass of Google. Facebook advertising only reaches people on that particular platform while Plus Ads reach a wider audience through their larger network.

While they aren’t sharing the same popularity as Facebook, who is the number one leader in the online social game, Google+ is growing and they are growing fast. With over 350 million users and rising quickly, if their growth rate remains on-track, they could take over the number two social media spot currently held by Twitter.


Different from a “like” on Facebook, the thumbs-up approval method on Google is a +1 adding yourself as a follower. But clicking this icon does more than simply connect you with their community, it also acts as a recommendation that appears in their mighty search engine.

Facebook might hold the number one spot in the web rankings, but with the acquisition of YouTube, Google sits directly beneath them taking both the number two and three seat.


Google is sparing no expense on their Plus plan with an estimated $585 million dollar investment thus far. Ironically enough, that figure is remarkably close to the $580 million dollars that News Corp spent to acquire MySpace back in 2005.

This seems like a tremendous gamble considering what happened to MySpace which is now completely over-shadowed by Facebook, reported to be worth over $200 billion (that’s billion with a b). Well worth any investment made by Mark Zuckerberg but not so much for News Corp.


There may be no clear winner in this race as it is likely to be run for a long time and Google+ is competing directly with Facebook and marketing their advantages over the veteran.

While Facebook might have more traffic, Google+ Ads allow access from multiple places on the world wide web. Google Plus Ads are also superior with:


  • Better CPC (or cost per click) performance
  • More ad formats and choices
  • Better Targeting options
  • Much lower click-thru-rates
  • The powerful connection of Google’s search engine and AdWords

While Facebook users are content simply chatting with friends, Google surfers will have a more specific intent and are therefore better targeted with this frame of mind. More Googlers are actually searching for something, usually with the intent on purchasing an actual product while Facebookers are posting photos and connecting with their friends.

So look at all the advantages that Google+ Ads have to offer and make the best decision based on your research for you and your business.





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