5 Do's and Don'ts of Instagram

Kelli Shoevlin | @kshoevlin Creating reality through photographs—Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms today and has contributed to the growth of many businesses. To expand your Instagram follow these 5 do’s and don’ts.

  1. Don’t post irrelevant photos. Many businesses post photos that aren’t significant or compelling to their target consumer. Instagram is 90% visual so the picture you post needs to be appealing.
  2. Don’t over-post. Instagram is not like Twitter and Facebook where it’s acceptable to update your account multiple times a day. Over-posting will actually have a negative effect on your followers. Many users become annoyed with too many updates in a day and end up unfollowing them.
  3. Do create a full profile. In order to have a successful Instagram account, it needs to be as specific as possible. When your target consumer clicks on your profile, they want to see as much information about the business as possible. They want to know the name of the company, how to contact you and the location.
  4. Do interact with your followers. Your following is more likely to interact with you if you interact with them. This can either be interacting with questions or directly commenting on their posts.
  5. Do add the human touch. Many business posts are repetitive and general. Spice up your account with a personal touch so your followers feel they are interacting with a person instead of a computer.

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