Social Media Page Design Tips

Mary Gutierrez | @MaryyAlyssa

 Creative copy for your social media page is important, but visually grabbing your audience's attention is a part of social media that companies often forget about. The visual aspect of your social media page is crucial to conveying the image of your organization. These 5 basic design principles will help you create better design choices for your social media page.

Tip 1 - Contrast:

Make sure your designs and pictures on your social media page stand out! This will create a focal point that draws the eye to the page. Many people mistake 'Bold' for 'Contrast.' Never use bright neon colors paired with other bright colors. Good contrast usually has a light color background with a dark color foreground or vice versa.

Tip 2 - Font Consistency:

A common mistake companies have is the idea that displaying decorative fonts on their page will attract an audience. This is wrong. Staying consistent and using a font palette will make your page look more organized and user-friendly. A font palette is a set of two or three fonts that you will set for the headline, body copy, etc. Font consistency will make your profile look more professional to your audience.

Tip 3 - Color Scheme:

Choosing a color scheme is very important because it adds personality to your page. Usually color schemes range from 2-3 colors. If you have a logo, it's a good idea to use the colors in your logo in order to create a brand image. Be sure to use these colors consistently throughout  your page.

Tip 4 - Keep Cover Photos in Mind:

Be sure to pay attention to how you profile picture and cover photos are laid out on your Facebook or Twitter page. This could cause important information being overlapped by another image. If your cover photo will have text, try to make your banner/ cover page image more right aligned. That way, your profile picture won't be blocking the information. This may change from each platform, but it's always good to be aware of the placement.

Tip 5 - Simplicity:

Keep your page simple. You may think that more is better, but less is more. You definitely want to put information about your organization, but don't clutter your page. Be sure the images and designs stay simple. Keep in mind the design principles for a professional look.

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