Dogs Tweeting. Yep, that's a thing!

Vanessa Suarez | @Vanessasuarez__ Ever wonder what your furry friend is doing while you’re away at work or out shopping? Well, advances in social media and technology can help you find out just exactly what crazy shenanigans your pup is getting into.

Mattel launched a device known as Puppy Tweets. The device allows for a play-by-play of your puppy’s day to be sent straight to your smart phone. Puppy Tweets is an electric dog tag that monitors when your pup barks or moves. It registers the activities, while sending out tweets. Puppy Tweets combines the love of man’s best friend with man’s love of social media.

In the line of all the interesting things that can tweet like bathroom scales and sneakers, Puppy Tweets is the first ever social media toy created for the canine community.

How does it work?

The Puppy Tweets device is attached to your pup’s collar and as your pup moves, barks, eats and naps throughout the day the motion activity is sensed by the tag and transmitted to a USB receiver on your home computer. Your dog's activity triggers one of 500 humorous Tweets to be broadcasted to their very own Twitter page.

Dogs on Social Media 

Now that you know all about dogs being able to live-tweet their days at home, you might be asking yourself, “What other awesome social media tools are made for my pup?” Here are a few of some very cool pup-related social media apps:

  • Woof is an app created by three dog loving businessmen in hopes of bringing other dog lovers and their dogs closer to dog parks and local dog communities. Create a profile for your dog and interact with other dogs in the area. Woof is available for free download on the app store.
  • Dog Land is a social network that enables people to find and rate services and facilities for their dogs. Users can find dog parks, animal shelters and dog-friendly hotels and restaurants. People can chat with other dog owners as well as share tips, photographs. Dog Land is available for free download on the app store.
  • Doggy Datez is an app created to “mark your territory” by taking ownership of an area, allowing you to see when people stop by your territory. You can also compete to be “Top Dog” by taking over multiple areas. Doggy Datez is available for free download on the app store.

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