10 Tips to Run an Engaging Pinterest Contest

Beverly Newburn | @beverlyhills243


1.       Make contests easy to enter Sounds like a “duh” right? But there are many times users are unsure on how to become involved with some contests. The easier it is to enter your contest, more people will be willing to participate.

2.       Make the contest visually appealing Pinterest is all about interesting pictures. Keep your contest photos interesting and make it stand out to attract other Pinterest users as well as make them want to participate.

3.       Make the prize appealing Keep your target market in mind. Who are you trying to get to follow you on Pinterest? What do they like about your brand/product? If your prize connects to your audience, your followers will refer you to their friends.

4.       Ask your contestants to create boards By asking the contestants to create boards, it not only helps to spread the word about the contest, but it will also make it more likely for contestants to participate in your next contest.

5.       Make your contest mobile friendly Everyone is on the move. Mobile is becoming the most common way to access social media sites. Make sure your contestants can get to your contest on their phones and tables.

6.       Cross promote your contests on other social media sites Make sure you use all of your social media pages to promote your contest. There’re different apps that can help you manage your contest on different platforms like SnapApp, Wishpond, and Tradable Bits. Some services do cost while others are free.

7.       Inspire your contestants Inspiration goes along with appealing prize. Once your contestants are inspired to win the prize, more likely they’ll participate in the contest until the end.

8.       Make clear rules for your contest You don’t want to confuse your contestants and discourage them from participating. Make sure you create rules that are easy to follow and easy to understand.   9.       Get your contestants to mention your brand  Hashtags are one of the best ways to get recognition for your brand/product from the people participating in the contest. Requiring contests to hashtag a certain phrase for your contest will allow your brand/product to become a trend.   10.   REPIN REPIN REPIN!!!!!  Make sure you get your contestants to repin to win your contest. That will allow the contest to beyond your followers

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