Eve Mayer Named Among Top 10 Social Media Mentors by Women Online Magazine

The sixth issue of Women Online Magazine is adorned with the images of some of the most influential women in social media. It is no surprise that our very own LinkedIn Queen and CEO, Eve Mayer, is ranked third among “The Top 10 Social Media Mentors” by Women Online Magazine. Eve was recognized as a "major player in the realm of social media" mainly for her specialized expertise in LinkedIn, maintaining over 100,000 social media followers world-wide, and for her work as a social media author and speaker.

The article sets apart normal awards and dedications by declaring these social media gurus as total “social media mentors.” These women set themselves apart from the norm by devoting their time to being not only a social media entrepreneur, but a teacher, a leader, a coach, and an advisor to interns, students, and businesses around the world. These women dedicate their time to creating a voice not only online – but offline amongst their colleagues.

Image courtesy of Women Online Magazine

Among these top social media mentors the No.1 spot goes to Pam Moore, CEO and founder of Nutz Media, and at the No. 2 spot, Renee Blodgett, CEO and founder of Magic Sauce Media. Further recognition goes toward powerful women known for their skills in online marketing, the Twitterverse, being the first woman-owned online company, and being all-around social media gurus.

As a bonus, Women Online Magazine is offering a FREE 3 month subscription to Eve’s fans and followers. Here’s a link to stay up-to-date on small business and entrepreneurship from Women Online Magazine.

Image courtesy of Women Online Magazine.

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