Facebook Newswire

Lauren Williamson | @LaurenEW90

Facebook doesn’t just want to be the place you catch up with your family and friends, it wants to be your go-to news source. First, it was by adding hashtags. Content became easier to search and categorize by using hashtags. Next, it was trending topics that keep everyone up-to-date on what is buzzing online. Now, it’s Newswire.

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Facebook has launched FB Newswire as its new go-to source for news and breaking stories. The content for FB Newswire will come from its partnership with Storyful, a news source that curates content from stories shared on social media. Storyful has news offices on three continents and every story is verified by their (human) team before appearing on FB Newswire. Followers of FB Newswire can expect to see first-person photos, videos and status updates from the front lines of newsworthy events around the world.

The difference between FB Newswire and your news feed is personalization. Your news feed is tailored to your likes so you get a custom experience on Facebook. FB Newswire is universal, drawing stories from all over the globe and presenting the same content to every user.

Adding FB Newswire puts Facebook in direct competition with Twitter. Twitter has been a popular platform for breaking news and live updates, especially for journalists and information seekers. But only time will tell if Facebook has finally hit the news trifecta with FB Newswire. To get FB Newswire, simply like the page here.

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