SMD Team Member Spotlight: Jamie

1462819_10103920185259190_1779404075_oLet’s get creative with our Creative Director, Jamie! Jamie graduated from the Creative sequence of the University of Texas advertising program in May of 2009, where she fused her interest of advertising with her passion for design.  Not only has Jamie excelled in these areas, but she has also taken her passion and thrived as a leader at SMD.  Her love for social media has driven SMD to continued success. She works to optimize the company’s as well as the clients’ social media through design, art direction, video, and general site customization. Basically, she’s our authority on creativity in the design sphere. Not only is she a design guru, she also has some pretty cool hidden talents:

  • She’s musically inclined! She can play not one, not two, not even three but FOUR instruments. She’s like her own one-woman band!
  • Not only can she rock out, she’s also quite athletic- talk about well-rounded! She once went down under and played in a tennis tournament in Australia!
  • Have we mentioned the zorbing? Yes, this girl went zorbingin New Zealand!

Not only that, she's also a mommy to one of SMD's cutest pets, Kota Bear. Basically, Jamie does it all! Her awesomeness and creativity continues to push every team member to work to their ultimate potential.

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