INFOGRAPHIC: Smartphone Revolution

Take to the streets and alert the masses, a revolution is at hand... literally!  While news of change used to circulate through the presses, the new mobile market brings cultural and economic power to the people.  While word of mouth once took years to cross the countryside, today's trends span from Tokyo to Manhattan overnight.  Business partners in Chicago and London can share sales reports without either party leaving the home office. This is all a part of the smartphone revolution!

In recent years, smartphone ownership has skyrocketed all over the world, and brand new apps go viral every day.  It's a new era of inter-connectivity and the transformation can't be stopped.  Do you want your business to be remembered as a victim of its own habit, clinging desperately to the old world, or will your marketing strategies be looked back on as the product of an emerging future?

For those who remain disbelievers, this infographic (with facts provided by VirtualPhone-Number) lays out the reality of the smartphone takeover.  It's too late to say everything is about to change. The global marketplace is changing now.  It's changed already.  It's up to you to make your business a part of that change.


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