Brands Can Now Tag Each Other on Facebook

Vanessa Suarez | @VanessaSuarez__ As we all know, the world of social media is constantly changing to fit the needs of users and brands. Facebook is largely known for adapting and developing its platform to allow users to maximize its potential as a social and marketing tool. It’s no surprise that Facebook has made yet another step forward for brands and users alike.

Brands around the Facebook universe will now be able to expand their audience and reach with the help of like-minded pages. Facebook has altered its News Feed algorithm to allow brands to tag one another in posts and photos, according to Mashable. The feature will allow for content to be mutually shared to the audience of both the brand tagging and the tagged brand, even if the followers of the tagged brand didn't "LIKE" the brand that posted the original content.

Facebook Tagging

Unfortunately, not all tagged posts will be shared to mutual audiences. To ensure that the post has the potential, not guarantee, to be mutually shared, Facebook has strategically altered the News Feed algorithm to pick and choose what posts will be mutually shared. Content will be mutually shared only if the post is receiving a large amount of comments, likes, shares and clicks, according to Facebook. This ensures that mutually shared posts will have a relevant need from both audiences.

As a brand or business, this means the potential audience and reach of content has doubled in size. Brands can now find a collective ground with like-minded brands and Pages within the Facebook community that can be mutually beneficial. Not only does it allow for users to engage with new brands and content, it opens up a realm of possibilities and collaborations with like-minded brands in the market. So, what are you waiting for? The new algorithm is designed to reward brands within the Facebook community. How will your brand use the new feature?


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