Bad Social Media Moves That Can Hurt Your Credit Score

Shelbi Mascheri | @SMascheri In order to apply for a loan, rent an apartment or house, or buy a car you will need to have a good credit score. Just like applying for a job, the employer will look at your social media sites to make sure you are staying professional on the world wide web. Now, lending companies are looking at your social media sites to see if you are trustworthy enough to be loaned that money. But it doesn't stop there, not only does your Facebook  have to be up to par, you need to make sure you are "friends" with the right people online too.

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A company called Lenddo is seeing if you are friends with anyone that is late paying back their loan, and also searching to see how often you interact with that person! If you do interact a lot with them beware - because the CEO of Lenddo, Jeff Stuart, says that people know how to judge who is trustworthy or not, so if you interact with them, then you obviously are not trustworthy yourself.

There are other companies that also look at your eBay and Amazon accounts. A German company called Kreditech also looks at how long it takes you to fill out an online application. They make sure that you take the time to read thoroughly and use proper grammar. They also look at the location of the computer you are using, because they trust you more if it is in a place you stated where you work or live.

The reason these companies want to look at your social media sites is because they want to check up on you as an investment. You may have told them that you are financially stable, but they can look to see if you have just quit a job or recently purchased something very expensive like a car or a house.

Some people are scared by this because these companies could come to the wrong conclusion. Someone could quit their job but have a better opportunity running their own business and become even more financially stable. They also cannot see how much money you have been saving! We live in a world today where it is common that couples live together and are not married, and because of that, lenders cannot see if someone is living in a two-income household.

The ups and downs of this situation vary, but the point is to be careful with what you put on your social media sites, and just like your mom used to tell you: "Hanging out with the wrong crowd could affect your reputation."


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