Tumblr for Business

 Lauren Williamson | @Laurenew90

So you’ve signed up for Tumblr and are ready to start making an impact. Awesome! But before you start posting and reblogging at random, read over these tips to keep your Tumblr on track.

1) Go for visual.

Tumblr is all about the visual. Go for an interesting or unique take on your business. GIFs are also a great way for users to see your business or product in motion. General Electric does a great job of using images and GIFs to illustrate their blog.

2) Respond to your followers (via Taco Bell style)

If users are trying to interact with you, don’t ignore them! Check the thread on your posts and look for engagement opportunities. Engagement doesn’t have to be super serious either. Take a look at Taco Bell’s Twitter page, engagement like this is the perfect combination of wit and playfulness. This kind of content is what attracts the kind of followers you want on all of your social media platforms, including Tumblr.


Remember, keep it light and fun-the Tumblr way.

3) Use tags to categorize posts

By tagging your posts, you’re making it easier for people to find your content. Add several relevant tags for each post to boost visibility. Keep in mind that your tags are visible to everyone, so don’t get spammy.


4) Create your own hashtag

Another way to get more users to see your content is to create your own hashtag. Just like Twitter, and now Facebook, Tumblr users can search hashtags to find related content.

 5) Utilize a variety of post optionstumblr001

Tumblr makes it easy to post different types of posts. Change it up! Add photos, videos, links and quotes to make your page more interesting

6) Set up a queue for future posts

Busy week? Not a problem! By using the queue in Tumblr, you can schedule posts to appear on your followers' feed in advance.

7) Design a simple, effective theme


Nothing’s worse than going to a poorly designed blog. Tumblr makes it easy to customize the look and feel of your page. You can find plenty of free themes online to design your blog on a budget. But Tumblr also makes it easy to go pro with high quality web designs.

8) Reblog appropriate content

Reblogging the content your followers post is another good way to engage your audience. Follow other blogs in your industry and reblog their posts to your page. You can also add your own comments on the post to provide more information for your followers.

9) Decide the mood of your blog

While your personal blog might be a mix of fashion photos, serious political posts and cat pictures, your professional Tumblr needs to have a cohesive vibe to it. Keep non-related posts out of the feed by “liking” them instead.

10) Have fun with it!

Last of all, have fun with your blog. This is one place you can give a visual representation of what your company is all about. Be creative!

Happy Tumbling everyone!


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