Top Ten Holiday Twitter Accounts

by (Jennifer Jenkins | @jnjenks)

It’s that time of year everyone. Bust out the hot chocolate, firewood, festive music, and decorations. The holiday season is back in full swing, signaling the joys of ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas, ugly sweater parties, hanging up lights outside (or hiring somebody to do it), people caroling, and the start of a crazy shopping season that just can’t end soon enough.

With the help of Twitter, businesses can communicate with their audiences and grow their brands with the help of 140 characters and microblogging. People are able to read their “tweets” and view any accompanying articles they add if they follow the business, and the business can follow other companies, sites, and people as well. It’s all in a days work when it comes to social media.

With the holiday season finally here, this is the perfect time for businesses and companies to use their Twitter accounts to spread some holiday cheer. We've found and compiled a list of brands with some of the most prominent holiday twitter advertising, in no particular order.

  • @Macys: Just like their tagline, the “magic” is in Macy’s with plenty of promotions and donations so that people can really get into the holiday spirit

  • @Starbucks: We know they're known for coffee, but when the holidays come around, they bring out the hot chocolate and a few seasonal drinks, and everyone is instantly happier. More importantly, they advertise plenty of great gift ideas, such as tumlers and gift cards for the Starbucks fanatics, for friends and loved ones through . If that doesn't do it for you, four words- white chocolate peppermint mocha. Enough said.

  • @jcpenney: JCP has plenty to offer with holiday specials and deals to entice shoppers with a variety of gifts for loved ones.

  • @Target: When you go in to Target, you really do “expect more” and to “pay less”. You go in for one thing and practically walk out with presents for everyone!

  • @SouthwestAir: We all know airline companies do specials during the holiday season, but Southwest goes the extra (flyer)mile by doing a #12DaysofLUV campaign around Christmas time.

  • @Nordstrom/@nordstrom_rack: ‘Tis the season for holiday cheer...and fashion. Nordstrom is a fashion specialty retailer of clothing, shoes, and accessories advertising for everything from your holiday party to New Year’s Eve.

  • @CocaCola: Coca-Cola has been a staple in holiday advertising with their Christmas time commercials with Santa. Wouldn't it make sense for them to move it to social media?

  • @MyMMscom: Similar to Coca-Cola, M & M’s have practically had commercials on TV with the little red and green M & M’s and their trivial run-ins with Santa for years that they’re practically part of my childhood. They've now taken to social media to further the marketing of their candies and treats.

  • @Honda: Car dealerships are known for putting out great deals during the holidays, and Honda is no exception. Their #HappyHondaDays campaign is one that gets a lot of coverage and a lot of business.

  • @DesignByIKEA: I bet you had no “ikea” your place could look so good! Check out their page for tips on decorating for the holiday season.

Tell us: which of these accounts is your favorite and why?

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