Ads on Instagram?

instagram-logo 1by Brett Scantlin | @bscantlin39 Advertising on Instagram with Sponsored Photos and Videos has arrived and actually to mostly positive reviews.

Business marketers are anxious to tap into the creative market of Instagram users. They are typically socially active photography lovers who enjoy sharing their special experiences with the world. Photos versus words are their primary mode of storytelling.

Until now, the online mobile photo-sharing community has been spared the clutter of advertising seen on most social media platforms. Some in the Instagram community are understandably concerned they will lose the uncluttered design experience they have expected and enjoyed. Change management is always a challenge.  The more specialized or eclectic the community – which Instagram certainly represents – the greater the impact of change could have on a user base. Communicating the proposed change is key, and Instagram appears to be adequately informing their community of the new Sponsored Photos and Videos initiative.

You can recognize the ads because the normal photo timestamp is replaced with a "Sponsored" label. If you don't like the ad, just click on the ". . ." below the ad to hide it and give feedback if you wish. You can see the photo below what these ads will look like according to Instagram.

The Instagram information blog reassures their community that Instagram Sponsored Photos and Videos will, "stay true to the spirit of the Instagram community.” Comments posted on the blog tend to be supportive and optimistic for the most part.

Through Instagram Sponsored Photos and Videos brands look forward to having the potential and effectively engage and impact this young and creative community.

How do you feel about ads on Instagram? 

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